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Privacy statement

I. General Information

Our company does not request personal infomation on the information requesting form found on the website. It is advised to only provide data of a real contact person or a business partner.

VACS INVESTMENT PLC is a Private Limited Company (1134 Budapest, Róbert Károly krt. 59. hereinafter:TBM Plc.) respecting the protection of personal data and rights for those concerned in the offered services. TBM Plc. handles all personal information that has been disclosed during the use of the web page in accordance with the provisions of the Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information („Privacy Act”) complying with present Data Protection Statement. Current statement provides information about the nature of data TBM Zrt is keeping on record and how this data is used through its website. Hereby clients are informed about the methods of how to review data accuracy and methods of cancellation of recorded data. Our clients may also visit our website without providing any kind of personal data. However, in order to build relations, clients might need to register and identify a contact person either as an individual, an economical a budgetary or social organization on our website. Current Statement applies exclusively to www.vacsberuhazozrt.com website. By clicking and selecting other websites being different from www.vacsberuhazozrt.com or by selecting websites which can be reached via hyperlinks and being operated by third parties, the above mentioned does not apply.

II. Data collected and handled by TBM Group

TBM Plc is primarily concerned with business activities, keeping contact persons data on record, however certain data are linked to individuals representing certain economical, budgetary, or even social organizations. Data relating to such persons (name, telephone number, email address) may only include information used for building business relationships, provided that this is consistent with the purpose for which the data was originally collected i.e. which may be relevant from view of decision making. By providing data required for establishing connection, the individual authorizes TBM Plc to continously maintain business relationships. Our company solely keeps those data on record which was previously authorized by the client and only up to the extent which is inevitable and necessary for establishment of the required service. Registration on our website may only take place by providing a valid email address, whereby TBM Plc does not process personal data therefore it is advised for clients not to provide private email address on the registration form.

In order to deliver business service, TBM Plc reserves the right to terminate data processing in accordance with all personal data collected without any notification towards the client, in case of any personal data that may be provided with the exception of business contact information. We kindly request clients only to provide valid data of the registered contact person.

III. Data handling: data registration, data processing, data utilization

Our company keeps data for business contact purpose only, voluntarily provided by clients visiting our website. In this case you agree to the following terms and conditions. If our clients provide personal data directly through the website or through one of the email addresses registered on the website, then clients agree that these data are processed and used by TBM Plc in strict compliance with the law for business purpose and maintaining business relationships. By handing over your data, you give your approval for TBM Plc to store, exchange, process and use these data within the intranet, provided for statistics and administrative purpose only. Data will only be exposed without customer confirmation if required by the law, the authorities or by the court. Subject to this, data provided by our customers are handled with privacy and respect. It is our aim that these data are only applicable to those directly involved in granting service. In addition we aim to retain data from third parties especially without the authorization and consent to contribute these data to any third party.

Any change related to his statement will be published on the website, allowing our clients to access information regarding the data stored, data registration, data processing and data utilization.

By registering on our website clients specifically contribute and agree with TBM Plc to send newsletters and marketing oriented emails, or even to contact clients via telephone shall it be a private person, a budgetary, a social or even an economic organization.

IV. Data Security

TBM Plc. keeps personal data securely and uses precautions to protect it, implementing technical, physical, administrative and IT tools in order to prevent data loss, unauthorized use or modification of personal data.

V. Duration of Data Processing

The duration of the data processing shall be five (5) years from the termination of service (particularly cancellation of registration) given that this is the time frame in which TBM Plc has the civil right to file a claim against client activities. Thus ensuring that clients identity may be retrievable and if applicable TBM Plc has the right to claim casualty or any other civil matter. In addition clients may also request the deletion of any recorded personal data, provided that the contractual committments are not violated.

VI. Amendment and Cancellation of Data

Any registered data will be deleted from TBM Plc’s records if the conditions for storing personal data are no longer exist. By all means clients have the right to amend and/or correct any personal or business related data from the record. In addition clients have the right to withdraw their agreement to future utilization or processing of personal data. In such cases or if any other arising concern, we are at your disposal either in written form (VACS Investment Plc Private Limited Company; 1134 Budapest, Róbert Károly krt. 59.) or electronically (info@vacsberuhazozrt.com). We advise our clients to contact our company in case to retrieve whether any personal data is registered on our company’s records and if so which are these data. Our aim is to respond to clients requests immediately but up to a maximum of 30 days. It is recommended for clients to contact TBM Plc on one of the above mentioned addresses to inquire which kind of data TBM Plc keeps in record regarding data processing especially in terms of utilization, duration or even on legal grounds.

VII. User declaration

By registering personal data on our website clients confirm their full understanding of the current personal data processing statement. In addition clients are to familiarize the principles of the statement, and strongly accept and agree that TBM Plc is to process data (for instance: company name, full name, telephone number, email address etc.) especially for building business relations, complying with the above statement. Contribution may be withdrawn any time at one of the above mentioned contact details. Clients are to declare the validity of data provided it does not violate personsal rights. Clients must acknowledge that if invalid data is given, TBM Plc has no obligation to contact that client.

VIII. Data Protection Officer

Data processing is performed by authorized employees and contract agents directly committed to the services of TBM Zrt. The framework of these activities are in conformity with the purpose of personal data protection.

IX. Legal Remedy

In case of legal remedy, kindly contact the following authority:

National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22c

X. Data Processor

In case of inquiries, observations or even general information relevant to personal data processing declared in this statement, kindly contact our personal data processing officer under info@vacsberuhazozrt.com

VACS Investment Plc

Private Limited Company
Location: 1134 Budapest, Róbert Károly körút 59.

Corporate registration number: Cg.01-10-048558
Telephone: +36 1 431 0220
E-mail: info@vacsberuhazozrt.com

Registry authority: Metropolitan Court of Budapest as Company Court